Ch'ney. 17. Oregonian. Vegan. Actress. Poet.

I'm building my life out of the things I love.

Good things:

- Today I only have to pop into work for an hour to mail some stuff and answer emails and drop my boss’s clothes at the dry cleaners, then I have the rest of the day to spend with my bunny and my cat and my homework!

- I just ordered my Charlie Chaplin outfit stuff and it should be here this weekend and I’m sO EXCITED

- I’m baking some pumpkin seeds right now yum yum yum

- I’m gonna bring my uke to school tomorrow so I can sing and make people’s day, so I need to finish learning a couple songs

- I’ll have time to FINALLY answer the messages in my inbox! Sorry that’s taken me so long!

- I’ve started writing a slam poem about my senior year and I realized how rad of a graduation “speech” it would make and that’s an exciting thought! I think I’m going to audition with it when the time comes!

idk I just thought I would share some good things because it feels like I’m finally getting my life back under control, and that’s a good feeling~