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Anonymous asked: how did you get "passive aggressively putting someone down" out of her response? like, really? she just simply explained that they were brought up differently and that she was raised to perceive animals as worth the same as humans and aren't meant for food. she freaking said "i understand that" to the anons point ov view. seriously guys

Haha thank you! I think maybe they’re riled up because they’re used to vegans going to war with them, and they didn’t stop to see that I’m not doing that. I know neither of our opinions are going to change just by fighting on the internet. Thanks for the support, petal~

Anonymous asked: When you farm your own animals they aren't tortured. They're given long happy lives and then quickly slaughtered. I'm not trying to convince you et meat or anything, I'm just saying it's not always cruel to do so and there isn't a need to passive aggressively put someone down for farming

First of all, I did not “passive aggressively” put someone down for their lifestyle. I respectfully explained that they were brought up one way, and I was brought up another. I didn’t say they were wrong or I was right. I said “I understand that.” I get that this is the internet and it’s hard to understand the tone of some things, but there was nothing in that message to suggest passive aggressiveness.

Secondly, I still disagree with raising animals just so we can slaughter and eat them, while we’re entirely capable to living a life without harming them. I disagree with that. That’s okay. I’m allowed to disagree with things.

I’m trying very hard to not elevate this and not disrespect anyone, but I will also not give up my belief or my opinions. I’m not asking you to give up yours, either.

Anonymous asked: Vegan? Vegan? How?! Meat is so good. So so good. Like I live on my family's farm so we grow all our own fruits and veggies and we also have our own pigs, chickens, rabbits, cows, Buffalo, Turkey, and hunt and like meat is so good. How?

How? Because we were brought up to believe different things. You grew up on a farm where killing animals is what you do every day. I understand that. I grew up with a mom who told me that all living things deserve a full and good life, so eating them and supporting an industry that tortures them is wrong to me. I hope you can understand that. We were simply brought up with different words being put in our heads.